The menu item "Search" offers you two different search forms:

  1. simplified: a simplified version of the original ISEGRIM search form; 
  2. complex: the original ISEGRIM search form. 

The search results retrieved via these two search forms stem from the original ISEGRIM database. We have made some improvements when preparing the ISEGRIM database for its new life as GCAM (e.g. introducing the Greek alphabet for Greek coin inscriptions), but the descriptions and technical information have not been amended or corrected since 2004 (and will not be altered in the future). Please also note that the original ISEGRIM database does not contain images (and will not contain images in the future). The original isegrim database and the two search forms provided under this menu item are hosted on a server outside the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf (isegrim.dasr.de) and are integrated here on the GCAM site via iframe. For more information about the original ISEGRIM database, please consult the FAQ-section. 

We have implemented some new features that facilitate access to the bibliographical data contained in ISEGRIM: In your search results, a simple click on the bibliographical references will write out the abbreviations in a separate section that appears below the entry. Also, the simplified version of the original ISEGRIM search form gives you the opportunity to search in the complete bibliography of ISEGRIM or to have the whole bibliography diplayed. Just click on "Search bibliographical data" or "List bibliographical data".